Skyrim Creation Kit powered by Steam Workshop, out February 7

Skyrim Creation Kit Still playing Skyrim? Sure you are.  While the game is exactly the same for all platforms, the one thing that keeps the PC different from the rest is the option to mod your world of Skyrim. There are tons of mods out there now that fix a variety of issues in the game, but now the modding community can really shape the world with the release of the Skyrim Creation Kit.  Out on February 7 for free to the PC community, tons of content and mods will be created with this kit. Thank you Bethesda, now I'll have to buy the PC copy.

Thanks to Steam's support, modding your game is now easier than ever. With Steam Workshop, it will be easier now to navigate the various mods that will be out in the net and you can easily install, delete, and even rate the mod in Steam Workshop. It's pretty neat and you have no idea how tempted I am to buy the PC version just so I can improve my Skyrim game.

Everybody knows Bethesda games  come out better thanks to the modding community. If you get the right mods for games like Fallout or any Elder Scrolls game, the experience will be completely different. Now with the actual kit that created the game is on the way, whatever mods we see now will be nothing compared to the mods that will be released in the next few months.