Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Lightning and Master Sergeant Amodar DLC Trailer

Final fantasy XIII-2Pretty sure everybody is going through Final Fantasy XIII-2's main story right now. if your liking it so far then this might excite you. DLC will be present in this Final Fantasy game and Square Enix released a trailer showing its content. It's an extra Coliseum Battle against Lightning himself and Master Sergeant Amodar. If you win the battle, you get Lightning as a playable character.

"Lightning and Master Sergeant Amodar" DLC will be out on February 7 for $2.99.  Three bucks for an extra character? Doesn't sound too bad. The Lightning in the DLC seems to be the Lightning in the first game. I just wished Square would just give players a third character to begin with. Final Fantasy and Pokemon don't mix well for me.