Recent Buys: Episode 2 - Of Souls and Swords

souls come on to me

I know February just started but things happened (me watching a bunch of videos on the internet) that ended up with my getting a new game.

Up until a few days ago I had absolutely no interest in Soul Calibur V, then Maximillian’s videos of it. Early on it looks just like any other Soul Calibur game but then I started seeing some of the super and ex moves and that made me go “whoa! That looked cool”. Now I know that supers in SC aren’t new but with me not playing since SC2 I got caught off guard. Max then brought the game online and it sounded like SC5’s netcode is really good which peaked my interest even more because, from experience, fighting games and online don’t really mix all that well. Caught a SC5 stream from CrossCounterAsia too and watching the players go at it while hearing the commentators totally geek out about the game was like throwing gasoline into the fiery pit that is my hype. I looked a bit online in formus both local and worldwide and they also said that the netcode is something that Project Soul can brag about. So yeah, I caved.

After playing some matches online, and losing most of em, I gotta say that the definitely were true to their word. For the most part the game is really responsive online and I’ve only experienced that “UMvC3 style” input lag once and even then it was still very playable.

It’s a bitch that there are a ton of characters to unlock but I guess that we’ve been spoiled by fighting games of this generation that have all the characters already unlocked from the get go.

I’ve been playing this game using an arcade stick and the move from pad to stick here is easier and feels a lot less awkward.