Weekend, what are you playing?

 Skyrim - Dovahkiin aka Dragonborn

Some big games just came out this week and I'm sure most of you have at least one of the games I have in mind. So, what are you playing?


Arlie: Got a copy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for the PS3 since day one. I created a Female Redguard, 12 hours in-game and already absorbed 4 Dragon Souls and learned 3 Shouts. I was farming for gold to buy a new house when I accidentally sold all of my lockpicks, didn't notice it until I was picking a locked chest and already overwritten the last save.

Quash: I Think half the world is playing Skyrim right about now. Got my copy for the Xbox 360 on release day and have been playing it ever since. After getting my first manly Dragon born shout, I've ignored the main quest for now and is currently doing all the side quests I can find in Whiterun. Funny thing is, I'm already 10+ hours in and still on the first town. I've raided bandit hidouts, cleared dungeons,  bought a house, and watched my trusty horse give the final blow on my 3rd Dragon kill(Horses do damage apparently).

Man I miss playing an Elder Scrolls game.I laugh every time I see the map; can't believe how huge this game is.  It's an awesome game, just go get it(better in PC), you won't regret it. Now I'll continue playing, there's still a lot of iron ores to be mined and flowers to be picked.