Battlefield 3 patch addressing tactical light being too damn bright

Battlefield 3 DICE is hard at work getting all the balancing right and considering a few changes for the next patch. One change in particular is what I've been praying since beta - Lowering the intensity of that damn tactical light. 

The tactical light is just too strong in my opinion. There is no change in its intensity if you're far away, too close or even in broad daylight. Whatever the case, the light covers almost the whole screen. Here's a before and after shot of this gun attachment. This attachment can be placed in most of the assault and carbine weapons and all handguns.

battlefield 3 changes

The adjustment to the tactical light seems reasonable. The intensity of the light will get stronger or weaker depending on how close you are to the player but best of all it won' cover the whole screen anymore.

Other changes include AA guns making air vehicles steering completely off-course when hit. I feel this at times, it feels like a small dent coming from AA fire comes out as if you've taken a direct hit from its fire leaving you fighting desperately to get your aircraft leveled. They are also going to address the issue of jets having no option to repair themselves.

While helicopters have the option to land and ask a buddy engineer to repair; crash landing for a jet is close to impossible when hit hard in this game. No word on how they'll address this, if their either planning a way to land the jet better or maybe a self repair skill, we'll just have to see when this patch comes out.

[Source: PCgamer]