Weekend, what are you playing?

Cuddle weather / Gaming weather You know the drill. It’s the weekend, what are you playing?

layton 4 Migoy: I started up the 4th game in the Professor Lqyton series, Professor Layton and the Last Specter. A prequel to the 1st Layton game and the animated movie that came out a few months ago as this is where Layton meets Luke, his apprentice. Same ol same ol, you solve puzzle, solve the mystery, watch the cutscenes and save the world? A typical thing in the life of the Professor.

Battlefield 3 Stats

Arlie: Already done with Battlefield 3 campaign on Hard Difficulty (really short, btw) and played some Co-op missions with a friend. PLAYING MORE MULTIPLAYER!  Must reach Colonel Rank 45. AAAAAAAHHHHHH! I want to play Uncharted 3 so baaad.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Quash: Got the steelbook edition of Uncharted 3 and just finished the epic campaign last friday. Such an amazing game! Is it better than the second game?? if your talking about graphic wise and the movie-like action scene that makes you go "Oh SH*@!, did that just happen!?" then yes, but I personally prefer the story and pace of Uncharted 2. Not the perfect game everybody wanted it to be, but still an amazing third Uncharted.