PSN downloads to be limited to two consoles

Playstation Network The many years of sharing purchased downloadable content is over! well not entirely, just limited. The PSN is known to give players the ability to activate their accounts to five different PS3 consoles, for the people with multiple systems, or how we use it - share content with friends and family. Sony now wants to limit that freedom all of a sudden.

Starting on November 18, the number of consoles activated to your account will be down to two. This new change also applies to the PSP and  the upcoming PS Vita when it launches. Sony says this new policy will  "protect the rights of content providers." This will definitely not sit well with PS3 owners, especially for the people who actually have multiple systems. It's obvious that Sony is trying to protect their games but why the sudden change?? what made them decide to finally change their policy?

If you need to deactivate a dead system, Sony will be creating an account management system where you can activate and deactivate systems attached to your account via a PC.

[Source: Destructoid, Playstation Universe]