Weekend, what are you playing?

Wake me up when September ends... HELLZ NO! video games, front and center! What are you playing?

Migoy: Most of my Saturday was spent being out at an event at Robinsons Ermita and then having a Good Burger run after with some friends after. But I had WoL (my PSP3000) with me and in it I have Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team to go with my current Super Saiyan craze. Perhaps you could catch me playing it on the feed or maybe I'll dive into an older Tenkaichi title on the Wii for some Ki blasting goodness.

Arlie: I've been playing Demon's Souls this week. I still don't get the Black/White World Tendency System, and I'm having trouble finding Scirvir on Stonefang Tunnel 2-2 on White World Tendency. I also received my early access PS3 beta key for Assassin's Creed: Revelations Multiplayer that I've been waiting for yesterday, almost 2.8GB of download + 150MB patch.


Quash: Playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The game's awesome and I've been playing it non-stop. Aside from the sneaking, hacking, fail firefights, and the constant reading of people's emails,I'm having loads of fun exploring the world of Deus Ex. I can already see myself finding a copy of the first Deus Ex.

I also tried the Resistance 3 multiplayer beta and didn't like it that much. I was never into the Resistance series. Wonder how long Resistance 3 multiplayer will last when Battlefield 3 and MW3 comes out?