Borderlands 2 gameplay leaked to YouTube

I'm pretty excited for Borderlands 2 and thanks to this leaked video showing some gameplay footage of the game, we now have a clear picture on how this sequel is shaping up. It's 14 minutes of gameplay showing a lot of new things like new weapons, characters,  and even a new menu interface that looks badass.

The video shows the player playing as Salvador the Gunzerker, the new version of the Berserker class back in the first game. While Brick tosses his guns and uses his fists to wreak havoc, Salvador instead picks up another gun and just starts shooting like a crazy man. Any gun can be dual wielded with Salvador's skill.They even show the new type of guns, like what they call the Wal-Mart-inspired rifle that instead of reloading, you toss the gun and it explodes and a similar gun materialize out of nowhere all loaded up.

[Source: Gameinformer]