Weekend, what are you playing?

Sadle up! It's time for the weekend post!

Migoy: Finally got to try out Marvel vs. Capcom 3. A friend of mine just bought a 2nd hand copy of it today and oh man, what fun that game is, plus it looks gorgeous in HD, everything is so smooth and crisp while keeping a constant 60fps. Since I was out, all I had with me was my PSP. Still playing Gundam Memories on it. I've done 71% of the missions but I'm sure I've still got a ways to go before completing the game. For my Sunday, I'm gonna try to finish up a model kit I've been putting off for more than a month now but I've got some games I want to try out such as Eternal Darkness for the GameCube and Robot Alchemic Drive for the PS2.

Quash: Going back old school!! playing Xenogears every chance i get. It's a great game. One of my personal favorites back in the PSone days.  This is Squaresoft at it's best besides their famous Final Fantasy franchise. I'm currently 10 hours in, and it's addicting as ever. It had an amazing gameplay, and if I remember correctly, the story was pretty solid too. Aside from Xenogears, I've been playing around with the games i bought in PSN. So far, everything is worth every buck except one. We had 10 bucks left, and we decided on Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime. In short, not worth 10 bucks.