Owners of ModernWarefare3.com vs Activision begins!

We mentioned a few days ago that the ModernWarfare3.com URL is being redirected to the Battlefield 3 site. Just to be clear, it's not owned by EA. It's owned by an unknown group of people giving us a few laughs and making Activision angry. Well they succeeded, Activision is taking action by filling a complaint.

The URL no longer redirects to Battlefield 3, but mocks how bad Modern Warfare 3 will be and how Battlefield 3 will be the better game in the end. It's a good laugh, I wonder how long it will take for Activision to obtain the domain.

It cost them $2,600 to file, and it will enlist the services of a three-person panel. The full document is 11-pages long. If you actually want to read the full complaint, head to the source for the whole document.

[Source: Fusible.com]