Weekend, what are you playing?

Ah finally, the weekend is here. You know the drill. What are you playing?

Migoy: I've been blowing up some stuff in Gundam Memories on my PSP. I thought I was close to being done with that game until I saw the game completion percentage so I still need to spend some more time with that. I've also starter Bully on the PS2. I have never played Bully before but I heard it's one of the best Rockstar games out there. People often list it with Red Dead Redemption and GTA San Andreas. I'm having fun with it so far though I am still very early in the game. I'll most likely be broadcasting it on our live channel so check in and see if I'm on the feed.

Quash: Just got back from a road trip to Baguio City so my gaming this weekend was pretty low. My friend brought his 3DS so gaming was still present even on a road trip. Played his game file of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, which by the way looks amazing on the 3DS. The 3Ds is an amazing handheld. The 3D in the device is actually top notch, but with it, it lessened my game time since the 3D got my eyes tired. It's the first time i tried the 3D feature so my eyes wasn't used to it. I also played some Excite Bike 3D on the 3DS, Still an addicting game.


Arlie: Sorry for the late update, I haven't played that much video games this week. I just redeemed my free PS3 games from PSN Japan when their Store was back up the other day. I got Echochrome and Hustler King (Hustle Kings in US) from the Japanese PlayStation Store for free. I am working on a not-so-secret project for TMG, that involves geekery and dorkness.