Red Dead Redemption: Myths & Mavericks DLC

It's time to blow away the dust out of your Red Dead Redemption copies because another DLC was officially announced by Rockstar. We all thought Undead Nightmare was the last DLC, but many months later, we get Myths&  Mavericks that's coming in Sept, best part? it's free. Don't get all excited for this free DLC, because Myths & Mavericks isn't as beefy as Undead Nightmare. The DLC will add a few fan favorite character skins and new areas for Deathmatch, Gang matches, Grab the Bag and other modes in multiplayer.

If your still into Red Dead's multiplayer, you're going to like the fact that free maps are on the way. If not, hey, it's free anyway. This DLC is said to show appreciation for the long support of the game's multiplayer. No actual date, but it's planned to be out in September.