Grand Theft Auto Online: The stress of logging in

GTA-Online It's the weekend! Grand Theft Auto Online went live last Tuesday, and thanks to the millions of players attempting to go online, a good chunks of us got a rocky start. 

It's been five days and Rockstar is slowly getting the hang of the amount of players inside their servers. First day of GTA Online was completely shut for me. It literally took me the whole night to get through the introduction cutscene once you've created your character. Every time I was done with the character creation, an error shows up preventing me from saving any progress. I tried and tried, but eventually gave up and headed back to Trevor and the rest of the game in single player.

Was I irritated? Yes, but I understand why- According to VG247 Grand Theft Auto V was able to sell around 15M units in just three days. That's completely insane numbers for any entertainment medium. So with that many sold, just 20% of those buyers who plan to play GTA Online should be enough to bottle neck the servers resulting in making the mode unplayable. Rockstar is dealing with player numbers that would make any MMORPG company happy. They were expecting problems on day one of online, but I guess they didn't expect to accommodate with a player base of a couple of  millions.

You can't blame a company for not being prepared for success, but it definitely turned off any excitement I had for the Online mode. It was only on the third day when I was able to experience the game smoothly. Just like the single player mode, there are tons of activities to do once your character sets foot on Los Santos. All the activities were translated to online, and included new characters making it a completely different beast. This takes place months after the events of the main storyline in the single player campaign. Rockstar's plan of releasing online 2 weeks after the game gets release was perfect for current work schedule, making me take my time and finish off the game with just three days left until Online gets unlocked. I actually appreciate the divide, and I wonder why we can't see this kind of approach to games like Call of Duty or Battlefield? Wouldn't that help their single player content if released seperately?

But back to GTA Online, is it fun? Definitely. You have 16 players in one map goofing around. During my time online, one important rule I learned after a couple of hours is that ATMs are your friends. It's actually freaky to walk around with more than $5,000 in your pocket since if another player kills you, they can actually get all the money. So it became a basic routine to GPS for the closest ATM and deposit ASAP, because money is pretty rare, and stuff online are expensive. I actually had second thoughts if I wanted a flashlight mod for my pistol.

Currently, the flow from job after job isn't smooth at the moment. I still see the loading screen way too much and you can still get game server crashes, but is now a rare occurrence. Playing with others in a GTA world is a blast though, even without a mic. All the random encounters and things you witness can shock you. I actually had one player try to kill me by dropping a helicopter on my car when  I was idle for a few seconds. I dodged it, and for some reason, once he got out of his parachute, he was right in front of me, so I ran him over. No experience sadly, but its epic moments created by us - the players.

It's a Saturday right now and I'm juggling my free weekend time with Battlefield 4's Open Beta and GTA Online(When it works). First weekend for October is here and my question for you all is - What are you playing for the weekend? Anybody?

Grand Theft Auto V's online mode looks sweet, but won't be available on launch day

1886b5048d02d0def387241bd3416537Rockstar has released a new trailer for the online mode in Grand Theft Auto V called Grand Theft Auto Online. A hub which seems to be similar to Red Dead Redemption - 16 players roaming around the city of Los Santos GTA style, and pretty much whatever the hell they want. Excited? Cool, but the online component won't be available on release day.

Grand Theft Auto online will be available on October 1 as a free download to all players with a copy of GTA V. No real reason why it won't be available on launch day but hey, Michael, Franklin, and Trevor escapades will be enough to keep us busing until release.

 Grand Theft Auto Online trailer Before the release of the trailer, I was curious to why they bothered calling it Grand Theft Auto Online, instead of saying GTA V multiplayer. Now it makes sense, since Rockstar plans to constantly update the game just like any other online game.

Grand Theft Auto V will be available on September 17 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360.

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[Source: GameSpot]


Grand Theft Auto V New Screenshots


Rockstar Games just uploaded some new screenshots of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V on their Facebook page and they are looking beast.

When I opened the Facebook album, I actually thought that I clicked the wrong link because at first glance, I thought it was a tourism album. They weren't lying when they said that there'd be scuba diving in this game. Totally geeking out right now.

Grand Theft Auto V's second trailer

GTA V Rockstar just released a second trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. Finally more footage since I'm sure everybody is with me when I say "it's about freakin time!". Check the trailer below.

You can check out the first trailer over at Rockstar's official site, just in case you missed it. GTA V is expected for a spring 2013 release.

First look at Max Payne 3's muliplayer

Max Payne Rockstar just released the first video of a new video series that introduces Max Payne 3's multiplayer, and it look pretty damn good.  It talks about the multiplayer's core features - Gang Wars, Payne Killer, and integrating Max Payne's famous bullet time into multiplayer.

Gang Wars is said to be a battle between the faction in Max Payne 3. It's story driven with objectives changing depending on the outcome of each match.  While in Payne Killer, two lucky players get to play as Max Payne himself and his partner  Raul Passos in the game as they go against waves of enemy players Max Payne style.

What I found very interesting is that they were able to add bullet time into multiplayer. Bullet Time is Max Payne's signature move that gives him the option to slow down time to better pick off enemies and dodge bullets. For multiplayer, when someone activates Bullet Time, only players in his line of sight will be engaged in Bullet Time. It is said in the video that Bullet Time is one of the burst abilities available to players, meaning there will be other abilities to be revealed that would suit your play style.

It's looking pretty good, it's Rockstar after all. When I heard Red Dead Redemption will have an open world multiplayer, I didn't think it was possible but it actually works and turned out fun. Now they added multiplayer on Max Payne without leaving Bullet Time behind.

This is the first video if the video series that talks all about multiplayer, so look out for the next few videos in the future.

Gamers have interesting game choices this month. Max Payne 3 comes out on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 May 15 and PC on May 29.