Microsoft Studios Special Offers - DLC map packs and add-ons 50% off

Microsoft is offering DLC map packs and add-ons for a discounted price. This offer is available until July 27th, 2011. So if you have some Microsoft points to spare, use them now. The Mass Effect 2 DLCs will last until August 1, 2011.

Tons of exciting game add-ons for Microsoft Studios game titles are now being offered at significant discounts for a limited time. Get your favorite add-on today!

Halo Reach:

 Defiant Map Pack 400 points

Noble Map Pack 400 points


Halo 3:

Mythic II Map Pack 400 points

Mythic Map Pack 400 points


Fable III:

Understone Quest Pack 200 points

Traitor's Keep Quest Pack 280 points


Kinect Sports:

Calorie Challenge Pack 160 points


Gears of War 2:

Flashback Multiplayer Map Pack 200 points

Combustible Multiplayer Map Pack 200 points

Snowblind Multiplayer Map Pack 200 points

Dark Corners Multiplayer Map Pack 280 points

All Fronts Collection 400 points


Forza Motorsport 3:

AutoWeek Car Show Pack 200 points

Nürburgring GP Track Pack 200 points

Jalopnik Car Pack 200 points

The Road & Track Car Pack 200 points

The Summer Velocity Car Pack 200 points

World Class Car Pack 200 points

VIP Car Pack 400 points

Motorsport Legends Car Pack 200 points Benchmark High Speed Ring 200 points

Community Choice Classics Pack 200 points

Sidewinder Proving Grounds 200 points

Hot Holidays Car Pack 200 points


Halo Wars:

Strategic Options Add-on Pack 400 points

Historical Battle Map Pack Add-on 400 points


Alan Wake:

The Signal 280 points

The Writer 280 points


Crackdown 2:

Premium Toy Box Pack 280 points

Premium Deluge Pack 280 points


Thanks for twittkins for the info.