More Red Dead Redemption DLC coming soon

Just when we all thought Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare was the last DLC for the game, Rockstar announces a final DLC to be announced in the coming weeks, also mentioning an XP bonus for multiplayer.

Thanks to Twitter, it was revealed that Rockstar is indeed working on a final DLC for their critically-acclaimed western. A reply on Rockstar's twitter replied to their fans confirming that a new DLC will be announced in the coming weeks. With how big Undead Nightmare was, I didn't expect another DLC on the works, especially when their still working on the DLC for L.A Noire.

A quadruple XP weekend was also announced, and has gone live today until July 4. Now we have two reason's to blow the dust out of our Red Dead Redemption copies. I'm going to take advantage of this x4 XP weekend since I only have the multiplayer trophies left. It's been bothering me since i only have a couple more to go. Farming XP in multiplaye takes awhile, so playing it before to reach max level in r felt like a chore. This quadruple XP bonus will apply to all multiplayer modes, including free roam, and Undead Overrun.

[Source: Eurogamer]