Nintendo! Localize these games! NOW!

We all know the Wii is on life support now, especially with the announcement of the Wii U. Nintendo claims that the Wii U will coexist with the Wii but aside from Skyward Sword, there seems to be no other big name Wii title coming out this year... in North America at least.

This has led to Operation Rainfall, a campaign started by Wii owners to try to convince Nintendo to localize The Lasy Story, Xenoblade, and Pandora's Tower. I myself want these 3 games localized too as they look fantastic.

The Last Story is a game headed the legendar Hironobu Sakaguchi, the father of Final Fantasy.


Xenoblade has 'Xeno' in it so I bet you're all thinking about Xenogears and Xenosaga right now. Oh by the way, Xenoblade looks incredible too.


Pandora's Tower is a sort of action brawler Castlevania looking thing which I have to say I am also very interested to play.


Help out the cause so that Nintendo will finally get a fucking clue and localize these games! I doubt it'd even cost them that much in the first place. If they claim that the Wii will coexist with the Wii U they'd better prove it.

I heard that Xenoblade will be localized in Europe, they weren't allowed to announce it at this year's E3 because Nintendo of America handles stuff there. If Nintendo of America still doesn't get their act together, I'll have to import the game. But what about the other 2?

You can visit Operation Rainfall's site here.