Rainbow Six Siege: Phantom Sight Operators Are What The Game Needs


Rainbow Six Siege expands yet again with Operation Phantom Sight, adding two new operators to the game’s roster while revamping one of the first maps in the game when it launched in 2015

Check out what Nøkk and Warden can do, as well as the changes to Kafe Dostoyevsky below.

Nøkk and Warden adds more character to the Siege lineup

Warden looks like someone who’s ready to save the world by himself, while Nøkk looks like she was stripped from a military horror flick and placed into Siege. I love their character designs as they do not only show personality but are distinct in the game. The issue I had with Siege when it comes to character design is that most of the Operators in the game are pretty much characters in military outfits. The design for both Nøkk and Warden shows Ubisoft having fun with how they design their Operators and hopefully, we see more of it because Siege is already absurd as it is with the types of gadgets available today.

In Operation Phantom Sight, there will be no new map added into the game’s map pool. Instead, we get another map rework and this time it’s Kafe Dostoyevsky. This isn’t the first time Ubisoft reworked old maps to spice things up. It all started in the Operation Grim Sky update, the rework of the Hereford Base map was released and is the first map to get this kind of treatment from the developers.

Two more maps will get a rework this year — Kanal in season 3, and Theme Park in season 4, to end 2019.

The test server for Operation Phantom Sight goes live on May 21 on PC. There was no release date given but with the test server going live this week, you can expect the new season to roll out in the coming weeks.