Surprise Hit Frostpunk Gets A Roadmap For New Content


Frostpunk is good. Really good. So good that I gave it a 9/10 in our review, in which I call it, "a game with gorgeous visuals, hard-bitten scenario design, and powerful thematic consistency [that] lets you forge a narrative through-line into your playthrough in a way that no other city builder does."

Now thanks to blockbuster sales -- it topped the Steam charts for a bit, to sell 250,000 copies in under three days -- 11 Bit Studios will be producing a whole slew of free content and updates to be added to the frostbitten game.

The first will be a new survivor mode arriving this month. Frostpunk is plenty challenging already, so I shiver to think of what challenges 11 Bit could add. Another mode called 'endurance' is also in the works, as a direct response to mounting calls for an endless / sandbox mode, though 11 Bit assures that "it's gonna be our distinctive take on this feature." 

Finally, a new scenario called The Builders is said to be "the most substantial update for 2018," but 11 Bit is keeping that card close to its chest for now. 

Other additions and updates that are going to be made to Frostpunk include, "People & Automatons," which will give us some basic customization options for citizens, beginning with the option to name them. That's right, you will be able to name a citizen after a jilted ex and then send them into the cold to gather scrap. 

"Winter Snapshots," will introduce tools for capturing the frigid beauty of Frostpunk with tools more precise than Steam's screenshot button. That's right, it's a photo mode you can use to get some wallpaper-worthy shots of New London. 

Smaller patches loaded with tweaks and fixes will also arrive between these updates, and 11 Bit guarantees that new content will continue into 2019.