Frostpunk's Latest Developer Update Is About Steam-Powered Labor Drones


Frostpunk, the city-building survival game from the makers of This War of Mine will be out by March 2018. According to 11 bit Studios, the marketing gears will begin to turn. "In upcoming weeks you can expect a lot of news about the game," 11 bit Studios' Karol Zajączkowski told Eurogamer.

Too Much Gaming also received the following announcement via email: "It’s been a long journey, and I’m happy to see Frostpunk reaching its final stages. The game evolved into an unprecedented mixture of survival, city-builder, and society simulator. In the upcoming weeks, we'll be releasing a new gameplay trailer [...] and unveil more details about the game."

For now, we've got a short new video that showcases the automatons, giant steampunk robots that can work around the clock like the undying clockwork laborer they are. Of course, they need fuel to keep going, so that's a resource you'll have to consider and citizens of your refugee town may not like having it around, given that it's a scary presence.

Senior lead designer Jakub Stokalski asks “How will your people react to them? Are they really safe to use inside the confines of the city? These are the questions that you’ll have to answer for yourself.” Frostpunk will be released on Steam, GOG, Humble, and “other digital stores for Windows.”