Frostpunk Is Getting Endless Mode And It's Free

Frostpunk Endless Mode.jpg

Frostpunk players are finally getting the game mode they’ve been asking since release - Endless Mode.

Endless Mode comes as a free update to all owners of Frostpunk and there will be two ways to play it:

“Serenity” for the constructors who enjoy growing the city at their own pace without hard challenges, and “Endurance” for survivalists looking to earn their stripes and see how long they’re able to live in the harsh cold world of Frostpunk. “

There will be four different maps for each variant of Endless Mode. Areas you can explore outside your city will change thanks to snow storms, closing old locations and opening up new ones, so you always have more areas to visit in Endless mode.

When exploring these locations, you’ll now encounter “mementos” , which can be stored in the Archives, a new building you can now build in your city. These mementos are lore items that give players more clarity about the world in Frostpunk.

The added challenge in “Endurance” is a welcome addition, as well as “Serenity”, which gives players the space to be creative with their city-building without the pressure of killing what’s left of Humanity. Endless mode was expected to come out on November 17, so the update should hit any time now.

We enjoyed the many attempts to save humanity from extinction and you can check out our Frostpunk review here. It even sold well during it’s launch, so expect more Frostpunk content in 2019.