Frostpunk Sells 250,000 Copies In Under Three Days; Post-Launch Updates Are Go


Frostpunk, the latest game from This War of Mine developer 11 bit Studios is nothing else but a success as it’s currently holding a spot in the list of top-selling games on Steam. 11 bit CEO Grzegorz Miechowski confirmed on Twitter that in just sixty-six hours, the game has shot past 250,000 units sold.

Miechowski added that post-release support is 100% go now that the game has hit that sales milestone, saying that while they always had plans for the expansions they’re now “100% sure we are doing that, including many free updates of course!” The current priority will be bug fizes and balance tweaks, but according to a community post on Steam they have “A LOT of ideas” for potential updates that include new scenarios and modes, as well as possibly an endless mode.

Frostpunk is going to grow - all you have to do right now is to wait a little bit. We do plan to release a roadmap for our development plans as soon as we're ready." At present, there are two scenarios in addition to the main campaign. In the Ark scenario, you are tasked with protecting the last seeds on Earth from the cold, while in the Refugee scenario, you guard your borders from refugees. Whatever new updates 11 bit Studios can come up with should be interesting to say the least.

We gave a 9/10 in our review for Frostpunk, in which I wrote: “[Frostpunk’s] emotional arc continues into the bigger picture, such as when you hem and haw over sending scouts to help survivors out in the frozen wilds. Your choices build to the narrative of an outpost becoming a civilization, and it's up to you the degree to which that story is filled with hope or despair. Ultimately, that's the dazzling flourish on the masterpiece that is Frostpunk.”