Incredibly Sexy Young Geralt Mod Gives Us A Witcher Gone Wild


NexusMods is an incredible place where many of your non-canonical fantasies come true. Some of that includes messed up stuff like changing an NPC’s ethnicity or kinky oddities like putting dicks into games where there shouldn’t be dicks.

But then there’re mods that can’t help but make you feel things. That’s the case with this mod that turns the grizzled old monster slayer Geralt into a young fella. The result is a young, sexy Witcher that is so fine despite the fact that his existence runs counter to our understanding and appreciation of Geralt.

The Geralt we know is a surly old man, whose sex appeal lies in his grizzled exterior and a hard bitten performance by voice actor Doug Cockle. It’s how he gets all the ladies. This mod, created by user Atherisz, reimagines Geralt as a sexy Scandinavian supermodel whose fresh young looks play off his grizzled voice.

Call it strange if you will. All I know is that this Geralt asks tough, difficult questions of my sexuality.