Lootbox Backlash Is Good For The Industry, Says Witcher Studio CD Projekt Red


Speaking with PC Gamer, CD Projekt Red co-founder Marcin Iwinski hopes that recent backlash regarding loot boxes “will change our industry for the better.”

Iwinski noted that while the revenue generated from loot boxes might look good “from a spreadsheet perspective,” doesn’t mean it’s good for the consumer. He said that full disclosure and information on products in order to make well-informed purchasing decisions should be part of a company's relationship with its customers. 

Iwinski's statements are basically what gamers want to hear, arguing that a customer's purchase of a full-priced game must grant “numerous hours of gameplay and a significant amount of content." 

“To me, this is a fair deal. You get what you paid for, plus we are always trying our best to over deliver. There is no better PR than a happy gamer recommending your title to their friends," said Iwinski. “The moment [customers] feel you are reaching out for their wallet in any unfair way, they will be vocal about it. And frankly speaking, I think it’s good for the industry."

Of course, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was no stranger to additional paid content. CD Projekt Red released two hefty expansions to the game that retailed for a not insignificant price tag. But Iwinski argued that "each of them was a meaningful piece of content delivering many hours of new story and gameplay." 

The timing of these comments might seem odd, given that CD Projekt Red has no current products relevant to a largely stagnant conversation about loot boxes. However, CD Projekt Red mentioned last November that the long-awaited Cyberpunk 2077 may introduce online elements, and that's caused some concern they may be taking about loot boxes.

But given Iwinski's remarks it's safe to assume that the company is disinterested in any kind of monetization that doesn't at least have the appearance of putting consumers first.