Cyberpunk RTS Satellite Reign Is Free On Humble


If you're currently cooling your heels waiting for CD Projekt RED's Cyberpunk 2077 – which, as it stands, feels like it will be in development until 2077 – then the Humble Store has just the giveaway for you.

For the next sixteen hours, they’ll be giving away copies of Satellite Reign, a cyberpunk real-time strategy game that dropped three years ago after a successful 2013 Kickstarter campaign. The game is seen as kind of a successor to the ole Bullfrog classic Syndicate, as you control four agents waging top-down shootouts in a neon cyberpunk city.

I’ve played the game myself. It’s definitely old school in that after the perfunctory tutorial, the game does little to hold your hand and even lets you start firefights in places long before you’re ready for them. The plot isn’t really told in a straightforward manner and can overwhelm you with a lot of background lore.

Still, it’s a pretty slick looking game. The city is diffused with rain, smoke and neon glow. It’s clearly a game whose world has been made with care, and for the unbelievably low price of zero dollars you can give it a shot now.