How To Make Cash And Spend It Wisely In Far Cry 5

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Far Cry 5 is a blast to play, thanks to the changes that Ubisoft Montreal has made to the formula. Gone is the persistent call to craft everything you need, and upgrades have been funneled completely into the game’s new perks system. But what hasn’t changed is the importance of money.

While you probably won’t spend a lot of time with storekeeps and roadside merchants compared to other videogames, those greenbacks still matter. While ammo and crafting parts are always abundant in every cult outpost you destroy, money gets you what you need in a jiffy. It’s also good for treating yourself to a sweeter looking truck or plane.

All that being said, here’re some important things to keep in mind when it comes to money in Far Cry 5.

Seize Outposts With Stealth

Doing this is already part of the game’s core progression, as it’s pretty tough to rely on hostage rescues and destroyed property to max out your resistance meters, so you might as well. Each outpost liberated will reward you with $400, but do it without getting detected and you get a cool $1000 instead.

The stealth mechanics in Far Cry 5 aren’t the best, but doing this is still easier than it sounds. So long as you knock out the alarm towers before anyone can use them – yes even after they start yelling to arms after spotting you – then you’re good.


Take Regular Hunting Trips

Hunting is one of the simplest ways to get money. Cougar, bison and moose skins will net you around $200 each, while alpha wolverines and alpha bear skins net you $300-$400. Hunting is as simple as eschewing fast travel to take a walk into the wilderness with a compound bow.

But before you start selling your skins, consider unlocking the Harvest Master perk, which doubles the value of plant and animal loot. It’s a big perk spend at eight points, but it literally pays for itself. If you’re feeling particularly lazy, take Grace Armstrong with you. As a sniper, she can be ordered to one-shot any wildlife you see for you.

Bust Every Single Safe You See

Search any building, hostile or friendly, for safes. They usually contain around $250 in cash and are pretty easy to open. You can either use a lockpick like a smooth operator or get skulduggerous with a blowtorch. Those two tools are unlocked with the Locksmith or Repair Torch perk, respectively.

But if you’re a jerk, you can also use the game’s “C400” explosives and blow the damn thing open with a remote detonator. It’s a hilarious use of excess ordnance. Strangely, it doesn’t damage any of the cash inside, so go nuts if you lack finer tools.


Prepper Stashes Are The Best

The most interesting addition to the series, prepper stashes are basically treasure puzzles. They and any civilians with information on them are marked with a green jewel icon. Once you’ve found one, solving it requires you to engage in some trick shots, nimble platforming or even careful paragliding.

Each stash contains a couple hundred dollars, which isn’t all that much, but they’re usually accompanied by a stack of magazines that grant you perk points, which is pretty damn sweet. Some even unlock vehicles for you. No matter the score, prepper stashes are ultimately some of the most satisfying snack-size bits of gameplay in Far Cry 5.

Don't Waste Your Money On Ammo

When it comes to spending your cash, you probably already know it's best to save it for stuff that actually matters like better gear and vehicles with actual combat capabilities. But what you should probably know is that ammo costs way more than it should. Reloading your entire arsenal at a store can cost you upwards of $1000.

That's ridiculous especially when you consider that ammo is often in great abundance on the corpses of your enemies and in the outposts you liberate. If you really, really need ammo just switch weapons. You'll trade in an empty assault rifle for a fully loaded shotgun at no cost.