Far Cry 5's Second DLC Sends Players to Mars

Ubisoft has given a release date for Far Cry 5's second piece of crazy DLC. Lost on Mars will be out on July 18 on all available platforms.

Priced at $12 separately, and part of the Season Pass or the Gold Edition of the game, Lost on Mars transports one of the game's air support specialists, Nick Rye, to Mars in order to help his buddy Hurk take on an alien invasion of Earth. Players of the DLC will be equipped with an array of alien weaponry in dealing with the alien threat. 

DLC Adds Content to Multiplayer and Arcade

In addition, Lost on Mars will add Mars-themed assets for Far Cry Arcade, the multiplayer portion of Far Cry 5 which allows you to create Far Cry 5 levels using the assets provided by the game. With Far Cry Arcade, players can enjoy community-created levels cooperatively, alone, or in a competitive setting. In the game's campaign, having the Lost on Mars DLC downloaded will give you access to new weapons that adds a new flavor in your journey in liberating Hope County - Obliteratorrrr, Taser Phazer, Annihilazer, Nerve Reaper, Grape Popper and Hellfire - you can tell Ubisoft had a good time developing and naming these weapons. 


Far Cry 5 is a great entry to the Far Cry franchise. You can check out our full review on Far Cry 5 now to see what reviewer and contributor Matthew Arcilla had to say about the game. In it, he says: 

"As far as video game open worlds go, Hope County might very well be one of the better ones Ubisoft has created so far. The Montreal studio has papered over design conceits in past games that had grown stale and [...] instead rewards a player's exploratory impulses by letting them find the fun wherever they go."

Ubisoft still has one more crazy DLC to release and it's called Dead Living Zombies. It's planned for an August launch. After that, Ubisoft plans to release more free content to fuel their community in Far Cry Arcade, giving them more assets and tools to keep the content flowing.