There's A Secret Ending You Can Trigger At The Start Of Far Cry 5


Looks like the Far Cry series is looking to start a new trend via "secret endings." In Far Cry 4, during your first sit down with antagonist Pagan Min, you can either sit down and enjoy some crab rangoon leading to a secret ending that --- without spoiling too much -- will trigger the end credits way earlier than intended. 

Far Cry 5 has something similar, this time it's triggered by you not doing anything at all. That means missing out on all the fun and chaos of trying to take back Hope County, so we advise you to refrain from triggering it unless you really want to end your game sooner than intended. 

But if you can't help your curiosity, Eurogamer has released a video showing this ending and what exactly you need not to do. It's literally during the first 10 minutes of the game. 

The secret ending doesn't add much to the game's story but it's a fun addition by Ubisoft that I would like to see become a thing in their games. 

Far Cry 5 is out in stores today and we are having a blast liberating Hope County. A bit too soon to give any kind of impression. Also the servers  just went live for Far Cry Arcade, the mode which lets players generate new playable missions. In any case, keep checking back with Too Much Gaming for our full verdict and more on Far Cry 5.