Vampyr Gets A Story Trailer That Bleeds Style


Last February, Dontnod Entertainment revealed that their vampire-themed action RPG, Vampyr, would be out this June. The Paris-based studio behind Life is Strange and Remember Me popped up again last night to upload their all-new story trailer.

It's a dark cocktail of preternatural mystery, dark conspiracies and murder set to a moodier than moody iteration of Blue Oyster Cult's "(Don't Fear) The Reaper." Set in 1918 London, Vampyr casts you as Jonathan Reid, a British surgeon turned vampire trying to make sense of a virulent epidemic plaguing the city. 

The trailer passes over the dramatic implications of a war veteran returning to a city where bodies are piling up and focuses instead on the portentous -- albeit fictional -- connections to be made between a secret society of bloodsuckers and the mystery of a seemingly incurable disease. 

The trailer is slicker and more TV ready than we've ever seen the game's marketing. For my part, I'm conservatively hopeful for this game. Dontnod Entertainment is a studio that's big on high concept stories and settings, but their mechanics and writing have sometimes left something to be desired. Still, something tells me Vampyr is worth paying attention to.