Life Is Strange Studio Gives Release Date For Vampyr, An RPG In Which You're A Vampire


Announced way back in 2015, Vampyr is finally getting ready for release. Barring any last minute snafus, the vampire-themed action RPG from Dontnod Entertainment will be out on June 5th this year.

The release date was tucked away at the end of an episode of Vampyr's behind the scenes video series. That release date sits just four months from now, and right around the pre-E3 summer lull when few games launch. It's a time when those few games get the review and release spotlight all to themselves.

I've always liked Dontnod's output, in spite of their problems. 2015's Life is Strange was an emotionally affecting curio, despite its problems in writing and obvious budgetary limitations. 2013's Remember Me featured gorgeous art direction and a unique sci-fi premise but suffered from an undercooked story and lightweight action. 

So you can reasonably conclude, that I'm very intrigued for this one. Dontnod is leaning hard on the promise of ethical and moral struggles, such as when to feed and who to feed on. You play Dr. Jonathan Reid, an army surgeon who is turned into a vampire and becomes torn between his calling to save lives and his urge to feed. 

In the same video that reveals the release date, “Stories from the Dark,” the people at Dontnod discuss how theater informs some of the storytelling philosophies that were employed in Vampyr, and details some of the game's motion capture. Vampyr could be special, and represents a second chance for the studio to break into the AA space of video games.