TMG Podcast Episode 174 - Destiny Is Strange

Episode 174 Cover.jpg

Destiny 2 has taken our lives. 

Not really, but we are playing a ton of it and while Carlos has only played the first few hours of the game, Matthew has experienced a good chunk on what the sequel has to offer. We not only weigh-in the fumbles of the first game, but we also tackle why Destiny 2 is probably the game you should go for if you want to get into it for the first time or jump back into Bungie's latest. 

Carlos also discusses Life is Strange with Matthew since he's preparing himself to play Life is Strange: Before the Storm, a prequel focused on the life of Chloe Price before the events of the first game. Also, we go deep with gaming skill in game's journalism and personality thanks to a recent article by Paste Magazine and the awful Cuphead gameplay from VentureBeat's Dean Takahashi during Gamescom 2017. You can check out the Cuphead playthrough here


If you are having trouble with the player above, give the bottom one a try. 

Check out this article by Paste Magazine for further reference on the Gaming skill in games journalism topic. 

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