Battleborn Will Receive Its Final Update


Gearbox Software has announced that the Fall update coming to Battleborn will be its last. In a post on Gearbox Software's forumsBattleborn Creative Director Randy Varnell personally gives the announcement and it looks like all the focus is now being placed on a "highly anticipated but unannounced game".

It's probably Borderlands 3.

It's sad news for players that have been loyal to the game since launch but at least "servers will be up and active for the foreseeable future", according to Varnell. The Fall update includes some new skins themed around Borderlands characters, updated title art, Finisher boosts, Taunts, and minor balance changes. 

Battleborn was an "okay" game when we reviewed it, but the player base slowly dwindled after launch and despite them releasing a substantial Free Trial that pretty much makes the game Free-To-Play, it seems it wasn't enough for Gearbox Software to further push more support for the game.