Life is Strange's Original Actresses Return For A Very Special Episode

Now that the video game voice actors union is no longer on strike, many stalwart performers in the field of video game performance are finally able to return to some of their best known roles.

That includes Ashly Burch, the veteran performer who played Tiny Tina in Borderlands 2 and Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. But the role that has garnered Burch the most fan attention and critical acclaim is Chloe Price, the rebel teen from Life is Strange.

Square Enix announced that Burch will return to play the character one more time for the ongoing prequel series, Before the Storm. Alongside her will be Hannah Telle, the voice of Max Caulfield, protagonist of the original Life is Strange. Together they will be reprising their characters for “Farewell,” the bonus episode included in Before the Storm’s deluxe release.

Due to the strike, Burch was unable to reprise Chloe, though she remained involved as a script consultant to ensure that developer Deck Nine was not only faithful to the character she helped author, but successfully captured the spirit that original Life is Strange developer Dontnod Entertainment created.

While actress Rhianna DeVries does a pretty good job at recreating the character in Burch’s place, the difference was felt deeply by Life is Strange’s devoted fans. Burch’s return as well as Telle’s makes for a pleasant surprise, and will surely be appreciated when Chloe and Max ultimately say farewell.

Square released a behind the scenes video to tie in with this announcement. In it, Burch and Telle talk about their creative process and the experience of bringing Max and Chloe to life.