PlayStation Asia Bundles Classics As Dual Packs


If you're looking for a good deal on games for your PlayStation 4, then a pair of new Dual Packs from PlayStation Asia might have you covered.

They're similar to the Multi Packs from last year, but instead offering two best-selling classics instead of three, but with comparable value for money. Still great stuff for new PS4 owners looking to round out their library, or gifts for the lapsed buyer in your gaming circle.


First there's the Masterpiece Pack, which pairs Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Edition and The Last of Us Remastered together for an SRP of 2,499 PHP. Then there's the Family Pack, which puts Patapon Remastered and LocoRoco Remastered together for an SRP of 1, 599 PHP.

Both packs are available in all major game stores and other authorized dealers of PlayStation Asia merchandise.