For Honor Gets The Rainbow Six: Siege Starter Edition Treatment

For Honor Starter Edition Thumb.jpg

Ubisoft has announced For Honor: Starter Edition for PC, an alternative way for players to get their mitts on some For Honor action. The catch? Steep unlock prices similar to those of Rainbow Six: Siege's Starter Edition. It's priced at $14.99 and is only available on PC right now and this offer gives you full access to three heroes: The Warden, Raider, and Kensei.

You are also given the chance to get more heroes in the Starter Edition based on the faction you choose when first launching the game (Knight, Viking, or Samurai). Progression with these heroes are available but customizations are locked unless you use Steel, For Honor's in-game currency. It will cost 8,000 Steel to unlock it, compared to the 500 Steel needed in a standard copy of the game.

Pretty steep to unlock a feature that upgrades a hero through equipment and costumes.


The grind gets worse for those that opt for the Starter Edition since you'll need 8,000 Steel to unlock the remaining base heroes. Post-launch heroes will also cost 15,00 Steel.  

Aside from the bloated unlock prices, Starter Edition gives you access to the game's campaign, all multiplayer maps, and game modes. The Starter Edition supports the game's Season Pass for those that want to skip all that heavy grinding for heroes. 

It's the cheapest option to try out the game but the increased unlock prices still make it hard to recommend for those interested in competitive online play. It's best to try it for the game's campaign but after that, you won't appreciate how much time you'll need to spend in order to unlock stuff.  

The latest update, which you can watch above, is called the Age of Wolves seasonal update, which includes balancing changes, new features, and more importantly the release of dedicated servers.