State Of Decay 2 Is One Game To Look Out For In May


State of Decay 2 is coming on May 22 and it has a different take on the zombie video game formula since it's more of you managing a group of survivors than it being another zombie killing fiesta.

With the release date now set and it being a couple of months away from release, details and footage are slowly coming to light. Thanks to IGN, we finally get to see some gameplay footage of State of Decay's sequel. The video above mostly focused on featuring the exploration side of the game, but we also get a glimpse of the community you will have to manage and survivor stats such as traits and skills for each survivor. 

For the unfamiliar, State of Decay 2 will have players managing a group of survivors in this zombie-infested world. You go out to scavenge for items and supplies, save other survivors to hopefully recruit them to your community, build your base of operations, manage rations, pretty much survive. 

State of Decay 2 Will Come With Multiplayer

The sequel can be played solo but the biggest addition to the game is the ability to do 4 player co-op.

In an interview with IGN, Undead Labs founder Jeff Strain said that State of Decay 2 aims to give fans "exactly what they want". He mentioned during the interview that it was the top request for the sequel.

He further clarified the nature of State of Decay 2's co-op gameplay, saying "This is not a session-based experience. It's drop-in/drop-out. The key thing that I want everybody to know is, it doesn't require you to be online. We've designed it very much with the intention of it being the easiest, most convenient type of multiplayer you can imagine.". 

Together with the release date, State of Decay 2 was given a price point. A standard copy will cost $29.99, while the Ultimate Edition of the game will cost $49.99, which includes a 4-day early access to the game, a copy of the first game, plus a few content packs. State of Decay 2 is also part of the Play Anywhere program from Microsoft, so a copy of the game will allow you to play the game on either PC or Xbox One.