A Way Out Review Round Up


A Way Out is now available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC and is EA's second released under the EA Originals program. 

Developed by Hazelight Studios, A Way Out is a unique co-op only experience. Surprisingly, you need only one copy to play the game with your co-op partner. It's perfectly what you'd expect out of Hazelight creative director Josef Fares, who directed Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. 

Both games have you simultaneously controlling two characters, but A Way Out takes it to the next level. Check out some of the reviews below. There were struggles mentioned but the implementation of their unique co-op gameplay sounds like a must-play to share with a good friend. 

IGN -"A Way Out’s finest moments come when it’s at its most cinematic. The brilliantly choreographed hospital escape scene, for example, maintains one unbroken “camera shot” even as controls are cleverly trading back and forth between Leo and Vincent, while the aforementioned ending blends cinematography and gameplay in clever ways. " - 8.3/10

Games Radar -  "Throughout the game’s roughly ten hour play time, you’ll experience everything from sobering narrative sequences to car chases, and there were times when I had to remind myself this wasn’t an Uncharted spin-off with more adventures of Sam and Nathan Drake, such is the quality and blend of A Way Out’s action, story and puzzle solving elements. " - 4.5/5

US Gamer - "A Way Out is a fun ride because of its co-op shenanigans. While the story is nothing to marvel over, its characters blossom beyond their bare opening descriptions, making seeing their journey together through worthwhile." - 3.5/5

Gamespot - "A Way Out has problems. By the time the credits rolled, my partner and I didn't really feel like we'd been on much of a journey with Leo and Vincent. We'd been on a geographical tour, sure--one that was often trite, gimmicky, or cringeworthy--but we didn't feel the pair had learned anything or grown in any meaningful way." - 6/10

Dualshockers - "A Way Out has some ambitious, fantastic ideas at its core, but it’s unfortunately surrounded by tiresome gameplay mechanics and a story that is just a bit too straightforward." - 7/10

Attack of the Fanboy - "A Way Out takes some of the very best ideas from action adventure gaming and mixes them with the story telling of a great film.  It’s near perfect in pace and progression, while offering the player plenty of variety across the course of this five hour experience." - 4.5/5

Shacknews - "A Way Out is full of heart and soul: you'll grow to love the characters, and you'll become invested in Leo's charm and curious about Vincent's problems, but it’s light and it could leave you unsatisfied." - 7/10

Polygon - "Leo and Vincent work well as conduits for the players, allowing us to role-play through these two men, and to experience the thrills of escaping prison. The ability to spend time with them, and with my player partner, is A Way Out’s biggest strength, even if the details sometimes lack pizzazz." - 7.5/10