Resident Evil 7's Upcoming Free DLC Looks More Like An FPS Shooter

The free downloadable content for Resident Evil 7 called "Not a Hero" is coming out on December 12, 2017 for all that owns a copy of the game. 

You play as Chris Redfield in this one and he is more equipped to handle the horrors compared to the protagonist in the main game. In the trailer above, we see Chris going through the mines, rocking a new HUD and it looks and feels like an FPS action game. He goes through the same monster in the main game and is greeted by an even bigger monster that we've never seen before towards the end. 

The DLC might not turn out to be as scary as the main game but it's fine since this is Chris  Redfield, known for being a badass. He was throwing haymakers at those creatures like it was nothing. 

Resident Evil 7's Gold Edition is coming out the same day Not a Hero gets released. Gold Edition includes the Two Banned Tapes, and the End of Zoe campaign, DLCs that further tells the story of the Baker family before the events of the main story.