Left Alive Is Set In The Front Mission World

It was first revealed that Left Alive has character artist Yoji Shinkawa and the director of the Armored Core series working on this project, now a new trailer was released together with more details from TGS 2017 and the latest release of Famatsu Weekly (via Gamatsu).

For one, Left Alive is set in the same world as the Front Mission series in the year 2127. This explains the mechs shown during the first trailer. And since this is in the same world, the machines shown are indeed called Wanzers. Based on the year, this sets this game in between Front Mission 5 and Front Mission Evolved.

The story will be centered around something called the "One Day Incident" in a Russian town. There will be three protagonists and you'll be able to switch between them during the course of the story. A war is happening in the city and the protagonists are pretty much trapped in the conflict. 

Director Toshifumi Nabeshima confirms that Left Alive will be a third-person shooter with Wanzer-riding and stealth elements, depending on how you tackle each encounter. It's not going to be Open-World and it will follow a level/stage structure. There will be crafting to earn new weapons and materials, but don't expect any Wanzer customization in Left Alive. 

The game will be mostly offline but it is said there will be benefits if you plan to play the game while online. What that means, we have no idea at the moment.

It is also confirmed that members that have worked on previous Front Mission titles are working on Left Alive, even Shinji Hashimoto (Front Mission series) will be the producer for the game.

It's quite a surprise to see a new Front Mission coming in what seems to be a new take on the series. For those that don't know, Front Mission, well for me at least, is famous for its turned-based strategy gameplay, customizing your Wanzer squad before heading out to a mission. The first game was released in 1995, and the latest release so far was Front Mission Evolved in 2010.

It is said to be 50 percent complete and it will be aiming for a 2018 release on the PS4 and PC.