Ragnarok Online Philippines Adds 2-2 Classes, And A New Server

ROPH_Chaos-NewClesses 950x800px.png

The grind seems to be doing well for the return of Ragnarok Online in the Philippines. Ragnarok Online Philippines has just announced that a new server titled Chaos is now open to the public and that the 2-2 job classes are now available for all players.

The 2-2 job classes available now are the Crusader for the Swordsman, Monk for the Acolyte, Sage for the Mage, and Alchemist for the Merchant. For some reason, no word was mentioned on the second job class for the Archer, which is the Bard/Dancer.

Nostalgia and the popularity of the game are working well for Electronics Extreme and ELITE since the re-release of Ragnarok Online Philippines last June. Despite them releasing the original content of Ragnarok Online first, players flocked the two servers available resulting in a few lag issues and disconnections, a good problem to have since it only means people are all ramped up to play the game. Adding a new server this September shows a healthy growth for Ragnarok Online Philippines. 

In celebration of the release of the Chaos server, experience rates and item drop rates on that server will be up by 50%  until October 2.