Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta Hits This October

Get ready, Star Wars Battlefront 2's online beta is coming this October on all platforms. 

EA and DICE has confirmed that the Star Wars Battlefront 2 beta starts on October 6. If you pre-order the game though, you'll get to play on October 4, two days ahead of the rest.

The beta will end on October 9.

The Naboo: Theed map, which was the map revealed at this year's E3 2017, will be available during the beta with the Galactic Assault mode. Another game mode, called Starfighter Assault battle, will be included in the beta and will let players pilot iconic starfighters from the Star Wars series. Sadly, there's no details or footage of this game mode, but it's good to know that players will be able to have a feel of the dogfights in Battlefront 2 since it was greatly lacking in the first game.

Gamescom is coming in August and EA will be attending, so we might just get more information on the game and what to expect from the beta and the modes available during that time. 

Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be available on November 17 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.