Warframe Will Be Getting Open World Areas Called Landscapes

During this year's TennoCon, Developers Digital Extremes revealed a big addition coming to Warframe - landscapes. Landscapes will be large open world areas filled with quests. NPCs, and other activities to encourage exploration. The announcement was done with a gameplay demo introducing the first Landscape called Plains of Eidolon.

It's quite the opposite of what Warfame is known for, which are procedurally generated stages that are mostly indoor and outdoor environments.  For Landscapes, these will be specifically constructed areas filled with quests and places to explore. These open world areas will also include a day and night cycle, with players having the ability to use their Archwing(also used for space combat) to travel Landscapes in style.

Towns like Cetus, which was introduced in the demo above, will be able to support up to 50 players in one instance. There will be multiple instances of the town, which is similar to how the first Guild Wars treated their towns. Towns like Cetus will be filled with quests and will be treated as a social hub to meet up and group with other players before heading out to explore the open world. Another feature that was introduced is the new weapon crafting system, which will also come with the Plains of Eidolon update. 

No release date was given, but it is said that Pains of Eidolon is planned fo released later this year. 

For full details of what was announced at this year's TennoCon, here's a recap from Warframe's official website.