Street Fighter V's Next Character Is Ed

The next character joining Street Fighter V is Ed, a Pyscho Power wielding boxer. 

This is Ed's first time as a playable character. He's been around in the Street Fighter lore - seen in Balrog's ending in Street Fighter 4, and also included in some cut scenes in Street Fighter V's story as a teen. Now, for some reason, he's all grown and buffed up all of a sudden. 

It's fine because he looks like a cool character to learn. 

This makes Ed the third character in the 2017 Character Pass of Street Fighter V. Just like all the DLC characters, they are purchasable via the in-game currency if you choose to not buy the Character Pass, but expect a long grind to stay updated.

No release date was given but he will be available for free on the Capcom Fighters Network Beta Test happening on May 11 to May 15.