Blizzard To Celebrate Overwatch's First Year

To celebrate Overwatch's first year, Blizzard released a video showcasing all the content that was released so far and the accomplishments the team was able to pull off since release.

Game Of The Year Edition For Overwatch And Anniversary Event

Game of the Year edition of Overwatch will hit digitally on May 23. 

There's no price tag given right now but here's what you'll get from the Game of the Year edition:

  • 10 Loot Boxes with random items such as credits, skins, emotes, poses voice lines, sprays and highlight intros.
  • Mercy’s wings for Diablo 3 players
  • Tracer for Heroes of the Storm
  • Hero Skins: Vintage skins for Blackwatch Reyes, Strike-Commander Morrison, Overgrown Bastion, Security Chief Phara, and Slipstream Tracer.
  • StarCraft 2 in-game Portraits of Bastion, Tracer, Pharah, Reaper, Soldier: 76, and Winston.
  • Overwatch-themed Hearthstone Card Back
  • Baby Winston pet to use in World of Warcraft
  • Overwatch-themed card back for Hearthstone

It's pretty much the Overwatch: Origins edition and a few extra bonuses like 10 loot boxes. If you missed those bonus content, this is your chance to add it to your collection of legendary skins while getting a few bonuses for other Blizzard games you might own. 

Overwatch Anniversary

The Overwatch Anniversary event begins on Tuesday, May 23 and ends Monday, June 12. Blizzard will announce additional event details at a later time.

It's crazy to think that Overwatch has reached 30 Million registered players since it's release last year. A game that we didn't think it would take off so high for Blizzard. A team-based shooter that was able to dish out a story in other mediums while releasing free content and events to keep the players engaged. Overwatch is probably the biggest success stories to come out of 2016 and we don't see this stopping anytime soon. 

Together with the game's anniversary celebration, Overwatch will be Free this weekend on all platforms from May 26 - May 29. For more information, visit Blizzard's latest blog post.