Create Your Own Furry Hero In Sonic Forces

SEGA released a new trailer for Sonic Forces, revealing the third protagonist that will be alongside the two Sonics- a custom-made character by you. 

Fans should be enjoying this announcement, especially those that have been making their own hero in the Sonic universe for the longest time via Deviant Art. 

The custom hero tool in  Sonic Forces will have seven base species, each with their own respective abilities. To further add customization to your furry friend, there will be a variety of gadgets and cosmetics to make him unique. 

Making your very own character isn't that new, but it begs to question how the story will play out with a player-created protagonist interacting with the two Sonics and their crew. 

Sonic Forces isn't the only Sonic game planned by SEGA. While Sonic Forces seem like a modern take on the franchise, Sonic Mania has a more retro take on the blue hedgehog. You can check out the trailer for Sonic Mania below. It's planned for a release this year. 

It's great to see SEGA really pushing Sonic back into the spotlight. Hopefully, this could be Sonic's year if both titles come out as decent entries to the franchise. 

Sonic Forces is planned for a Holiday release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and the Nintendo Switch.