Overwatch's Next Hero Is A Tank Called Orisa

Since the first hint of the 24th hero hit the internet, people screamed that it would be that one character everybody is talking about, or maybe the 11-year-old grant winner. In the end, we get Orisa, an Omric built by robotics genius Elfie in light of an attack from Doomfist himself. She's a tank hero that the developers hope will bring more diversity in team compositions. 

Just like any tank, she has the abilities to stay within the front lines and protect her allies as well as putting them in a good position to get the opposing enemy at a disadvantage. His primary weapon is said to have the longest range in all the tanks available so far, and she has an alternate fire that serves as a mini Zarya ultimate ability, which simply means she has the ability to pull enemies out of a position, creating opportunities for teammates. 

Her ultimate, gives her teammates a big boost - dropping her drums which can be found on her back, will give all allies within line of sight a damage boost for a certain duration. Quite powerful but the drums can be destroyed by the opposing team, so you'll have to keep an eye on it.

Orisa is currently available in Overatch's PTR (Public Test Realm, where players can test an upcoming patch still in development) and IGN gives the new robot tank a try. Have a look below.