Developers Celebrating Other Team's Success Is A Great Thing

It's no surprise that we are witnessing a great start in gaming this 2017. The first three months of the year is quite populated with highly anticipated titles, heck, we have the Nintendo Switch coming out today. You'd think that there will be some sort of fierce competition brewing but what we are seeing is the complete opposite, and it's such a great thing. 

Horizon Zero Dawn was officially released this week with greatly positive reviews, and we're quite impressed with what we played during Sony's preview event. But we aren't the only one taking notice of their success. Good guy developers from CD Projekt RED(Witcher series) took the time to give praise for Guerilla Games' new IP, sharing a photo of Geralt and Aloy giving each other a high five. 

It's a great gesture from fellow developers because success on one front means a win for the industry as a whole. especially with Horizon Zero Dawn being an enitrely new franchise. 

Sony, which is clearly aware of the release and success of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as well as the release of the Nintendo Switch, congratulates Nintendo via Twitter. Breath of the Wild is getting greatly positive reviews from critics, Gamespot reports. 

We need more support like this - spread the love and it will paint a pretty good picture for the future of the industry. It's indeed an amazing time for gaming and the year just started.