Ubisoft confirms Watch Dogs resolution and FPS for next gen consoles


WD Aiden Excited for the Watch Dogs release this May 27? Awesome. Getting the next-gen version? Well, you better sit down for this, Ubisoft confirms the resolution and fps for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 

It was weird enough that no word was given earlier on  the specs with a game already a few weeks away. But Ubisoft has finally confirmed that Watch Dogs will run in 900p on PlayStation 4 and 792p on Xbox One, with both version of the game running at 30 fps.

Is this an issue? Not really, resolution and Frames Per Second is only a small chunk of what makes a game. But when we see advertising seen below, people will start flipping tables. Oh Sony...

139987956725Image source: EuroGamer


But they have taken back their claims of the game running on 60 FPS and on 1080p resolution. With all this confusion to make the game sell, it's about time Ubisoft has given the official word.

Watch Dogs launches on May 27 on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC. The Wii U version of the game is still coming but will be released on a later date.

Is it disappointing to see it not run on 60FPS? Will that affect your buying decision? Or the resolution? Sound off on the comments below.


[Source: Gamespot]

New Watch Dogs trailer reveals release date

WatchDog_hero Ubisoft's newest IP, Watch Dogs, now has a released date. Hacking will commence on November 22, 2013 on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC, and most likely the new Xbox Microsoft is planning to reveal this May. 

Watch Dogs is an open world adventure game that revolves around the players ability to use any electronic device to their advantage. Be it security cameras, people's ATM's, their phones, even fuse boxes, all can be hacked by a press of a button...so they say.

Collector's Edition


The collector's edition for Watch Dog's is the Dedsec Edition which contains the usual amount of loot you'd expect from such package, you know, big figurines and all. The special edition includes:

-A 23cm Aiden Pearce Figurine -Steelbook -DedSec Collector box -Watch_Dogs Artbook: artworks and illustrations that inspired the game -Original soundtrack of the game -Watch_Dogs map of Chicago -Set of 4 collectible cards: discover Watch_Dogs iconic characters through augmented reality -Set of 3 exclusive badges

Of course, with how the Philippines work, there won't be any confirmation at this point if local retail will accept any pre-orders for the Dedsec Edition/ Information will most likely come a month before release, so look out for that.

I'm considering Watch Dogs as the first ever revealed, and possibly released next-gen title from a third-party publisher and developer. The game does look amazing, but the big question is how big of a difference will the version running on current-gen systems like the PS3 is to the version running on the PlayStation 4, the next Xbox, and Wii U?