New Resident Evil 6 DLC coming this month for Xbox 360

More content is coming for Resident Evil 6 but only for Xbox 360 it seems. The latest DLC's are three online modes: Onslaught, Predator, and survivors mode. Individually, they will cost you 320 MS Points, but if you want all three, there's a bundle that costs 720 MS Points. Check out the modes in action below.

Onslaught Mode- Onslaught sees two players go head-to-head in an attempt to clear waves of oncoming enemies. Chaining combos provides the key to success in Onslaught as this will send enemies over to the opponent's screen, the more that are sent over, the quicker the victory will be.

Predator Mode - Available for two to six players, in Predator one player takes on the role of the Ustanak, the fearsome B.O.W. that stalks Jake Muller throughout his campaign, and tries to eliminate the human players. The humans' task: stop the deadly B.O.W. in its tracks, or at least survive until the end of the session.

Survivors Mode -Survivors takes the classic solo and team-based versus mode and adds a twist. Get killed and respawn as an enemy character with the ability to attack the human characters. Take down one human character to resurrect in human form. Last man or team standing wins. Survivors can be played by two to six players.

These online modes are set for a December 18 release for Xbox 360. No word yet if these will be available on the PS3.

Hoping for something free for Resident Evil 6? In a post on Capcom unity, a Capcom representative reveals that a patch is coming in the future that will include a new difficulty setting called "No Hope", and a co-op option for Ada Wong's solo campaign. This added content  will be free for both PS3 and Xbox 360, no actual date has been given yet.

Resident Evil 6 reviews are now hitting the net, reviews mixed so far

Resident Evil 6 comes out tomorrow and just like clockwork, reviews of the game start showing up all at once. Here's a compilation of most of the reviews out now in the net to help give you an idea on what you're getting into.

Resident Evil 6 review list:

G4TV - 2.5/5

Gamespot (Video review) - 4.5/10

Eurogamer - 6/10

Gametrailers - 8.8/10

Joystiq - 2.5/5

GameInformer - 8.75/10

IGN - 7.9/10

CVG - 8/10

Destructoid - 3/10

1UP - C+

PSU - 8.5/10

GamesRadar - 3.5/5

Reading the reviews so far confirms my fears on Resident Evil 6. When I first saw the first look of gameplay, I was completely turned off by how it looked more like a third-person action game. I then got back into the hype though when they mentioned multiple campaigns, and the announced Agent Hunt mode (similar to L4D versus mode ). But when I tried the public demo, I got turned off yet again thanks to the horrible camera angle and controls.

I'm not all that surprised with the reviews. Why can't Capcom just give us a survival-horror Resident Evil title? Why evolve the series to the point that it's unrecognizable anymore?

I'll still give this game a chance though, playing the game with a friend should be entertaining enough. You never know, it might turn out to be a great game to me, but I've been wrong before.

If you know any more reviews that need to be on the list, feel free to hit the comments.




Conan O'Brian goes ahead and reviews Resident Evil 6

Conan O'Brian has been doing this Clueless Gamer segment of him playing a video game and reviewing it. It's hilarious, but his latest one I have to say is the best one. He gets to play Resident Evil 6. Not the full game though, but he got first dibs on the new demo that's coming out this September 18.

His conclusion with Resident Evil's back story is pretty accurate.

Resident Evil 6 comes out on October 2 for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.