The Last of Us Out Now, Steelbook Editions Available at Netopia

the_last_of_us_steelbookX-Play launches The Last of Us, Naughty Dog’s latest game available in select Netopia Branches. One of the highest reviewed games of this year is out and is ready to be spent by your hard-earned cash. In case you missed out on pre-ordering The Last of Us, X-Play Online Games, Inc. released Steelbook Editions of the game priced at P2595 at the folloing Netopia branches:

  • Robinson’s Manila
  • Robinson’s Galleria
  • SM Mall of Asia
  • MRT Guadalupe
  • Greenbelt
  • SM North EDSA
  • SM Megamall
  • Lucky China Town Mall
  • SM Batangas
  • Shoppesville, Greenhills
  • SM Iloilo
  • Robinson’s Bacolod

So wow, Netopia sells video games now, I honestly had no idea. That's actually pretty cool. i myself have yet to pick up a copy of The Last of Us because damn you, ToyCon 2013. But I've heard nothing but good things about it. The Steelbook looks pretty sweet too and I am a huge sucker for Steelbooks. If you've been craving for the Steelbook Edition of The Last of Us, this is the perfect chance to get one.

[Updated - MP trailer]The Last of Us multiplayer details and gameplay footage

The Last of Us MP SS01 With nearly a week until The Last of Us finally hits stores, Naughty Dog is finally releasing information about the multiplayer aspect of their new IP.

One preview by TheSixthAxis gives in detail about how multiplayer works. Multiplayer for The Last of Us will be called 'Factions'

In Factions, there will be two clans to choose from. Now, Clan's are important because it's all about trying to keep your clan stocked up in supplies and making sure they survive for 12 weeks. For each match in multiplayer, that represents a day in the game, and as you progress, your survival count grows.

Quick facts about Factions

  • Choose one of two clans
  • Each match represents a day, try to survive 12 weeks
  • There are two game types
  • There are seven maps
  • Plenty of customization options and load-out tweaks to keep things interesting

UPDATED - Now the previews have now gone live, but how does the gameplay look? Well, have a look at the trailer then.

At this point, the Multiplayer doesn't look appealing at all. I still don't have a full grasp on what makes Factions different, aside from the lack of bullets you will have to spray on your enemies. With this game, everybody is really going to focus on the Single Player campaign. How successful the MP will be for Naughty Dog will really depend on how much we will like the gameplay found on the Single Player experience.

Multiplayer I think isn't necessary for a game like this, but I've said that to Mass Effect 3 and Uncharted 2, and both proved me wrong. So I'll keep an open mind until I get to play it myself.

A bit of new The Last of Us gameplay

The-Last-of-UsWe are halfway through May and when this month is up there's only one game that comes into mind in June. The Last of Us is Naughty Dog's(Uncharted series) new IP that focuses on survival. A harsh post-apocalyptic world were a man and a kid will do whatever they can to stay alive. VG247 released new gameplay footage showing the game's combat and new locales not seen yet. Have a look.

I'm definitely picking this up when the game hits next month. I'm now a fan of Naughty Dog's work thanks to what they did in the  Uncharted series. Uncharted was one of the best franchises born out of the PlayStation 3 and I'm quite curious if they can provide the same success with this new IP with the PS4 now on the horizon.

From the gameplay shown above, its definitely nothing like Uncharted, but you do see some similarities with how their cutscenes were organized. The gameplay seems to require you to think quick without using too much resources to move forward. There's also the infected, which brings a whole new twist in the gameplay but sadly nothing was shown during this footage.

One more feature to note is that Naughty Dog is trying to provide Ellie(The kid) with an advance AI to not make the player feel as if she's a burden. That's the biggest challenge Naughty Dog says so I'm curious to see if they did pull it off for this game.

The Last of Us will be out on June 14, 2013 exclusively for the PS3.

Pre-orders are now out in Datablitz stores so if you want to throw down some cash right now to secure a copy, check out this link for more info on what they offer.

The Last of Us 'Red Band' trailer

The-Last-of-Us-SS02 Sony just released a new trailer and is considering it as the Red Band trailer for The Last of Us. It's an extended version of the last trailer with added footage of how gruesome The Last of Us can be. Have a look below.

Was that a decapitation of a human being? Well, at least it being called a 'Red band' trailer now fits the bill. The Last of Us was originally planned for a May release, but Naughty Dog needed more time to polish the game up.

The new release date is June 14, exclusively on the PlayStation 3.


Uncharted 3's multiplayer goes Free To Play

Uncharted_3_Multiplayer_Free_To_Play What? Free To Play? Seems a bit unusual for a console title, but yes, you will be able to download the multiplayer component of Uncharted 3 free on the PSN store, with some restrictions of course.

First off, you will only earn experience points and cash up to level 15. You can still play the game as much as you want, but if you want to get more unlocks and other perks, you will have to buy them separately. Naughty Dog has provided detailed infomation about how their Free To Play works. An F.A.Q was also created for people with questions.

This is actually a great idea to introduce players unfamiliar with the Uncharted series and it's gameplay. They broke down the title into parts. Whether you are interested in just the multiplayer or the single player, you get to buy what you want. VG247 reports that there are half a million who are actively playing each month and I don't blame them, the multiplayer is a lot of the fun.

[source: PS Blog US]